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January 19, 2018

Deadline to submit your abstract

February 1, 2018

Notification of Acceptance

March 9, 2018

Draft Paper Deadline

April 9, 2018

Full Paper Submission

May 25, 2018

Presentation Deadline

Committee Chairs

Pipeline Track

Frank Cheng, University of Calgary

Joe Pikas, Technical Toolboxes

Infrastructure Track

David Bastidas, NCERCAMP of University of Akron

Francisco Presuel, Florida Atlantic University

Facilities Track

Raymundo Case, Texas A&M University

Samin Sharifi, Chevron Energy Technology Company

Facilities – Downstream & Upstream

Best Practices Using New Technologies for Advanced Corrosion Control
Presented by Loren Hatle, Wirx Group

Corrosion Management Programme Improves Asset Integrity at Nigerian Downstream Petroleum Facilities
Bassey Bassey, Coventry University

Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) of Assets with Advanced MEC and PECT Technology
Presented by Andreas Boenisch, Innospection Americas Inc.

Novel Surface Prep and Coatings to Gain Efficiency in Cavitation Corrosion Control
Presented by Loren Hatle, Wirx Group

Critical Requirements of Training Programs for Engineered Composite Repair Systems
Presented by Matt Green, NRI Neptune Research Inc.

Increasing Asset Life with Nanolaminated Alloy Coatings
Presented by Christina Lomasney, Modumetal

Surface Decontamination Significantly Reduces Vulnerability to CUI
Presented by Loren Hatle, Wirx Group

Corrosion Risk Management of Corrosion Resistant Alloys (CRAs) for Downhole Applications
Presented by Nausha Asrar, Schlumberger Products Center

Underground Gas Storage - Past, Present, and Future
Presented by Valerie Wilson, AIG

Novel Approach, Better Outcome for Energy Infrastructure in Aggressive Environments
Presented by Loren Hatle, Wirx Group

Slurry Erosive Wear Evaluation of cold Spray Ni-Cr Coatings on a Turbine Steel
Presented by Yadvinder singh, Research scholar at IKJPTU

Surface Prep Tipping Point: From Desperate Measures to Quality Assurance
Presented by Loren Hatle, Wirx Group

Infrastructure – Bridges and Concrete Structures

The Degradation of America - An 18 Step Plan to ‘Eliminate’ Infrastructure Corrosion Issues Binder
Presented by Singh Pragmatica, GGS LLc

Pre-saturated CFRP Usage for Strengthening of Bridges
Presented by Eri Vokshi, NRI Neptune Research Inc.

Concrete Field Corrosion Testing Utilizing Multiple Tools
Presented by I-Wen Huang, BASF Construction Chemicals

Assessment of Long-term Durability of TDG and Zinc Metallized Steel in Atmospheric Environment
Presented by Md Ahsan Sabbir, Florida International University, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Corrosion Susceptibility of Nanoparticle Enriched Zinc Coating after Adverse Exposure During Repair
Presented by Saiada Fuadi Fancy, Florida International university

Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion of Submerged Steel Structures with Macrofouling
Presented by Samanbar Permeh, Florida International University

The Effect of Durability and Corrosion Behavior on the Concrete Treated with Chemical Inhibitor
Presented by Tahani Algharib, Kuwait Oil Company

Risk Management of Metal Structures using Adaptive Corrosion Protection System
Presented by Yogiraj Kachhela, Simon Fraser University

Pipelines – Regulations and Hot Topics

Prediction of Atmospheric Corrosion of Al Alloy Materials Using Support Vector Machine Method
Presented by Anahita Imanian, Technical Data Analysis

Risk Characterization of Concealed Piping
Presented by Bengt Lydell, SIGMA-PHASE INC.

Determination of internal pitting corrosion rates using extreme value analysis
Presented by Carlos Melo Gonzalez, University of Calgary

Inspection of Coated and Uncoated Pipelines with Next Generation MEC Technique
Presented by Andreas Boenisch, Innospection Americas Inc.

Urban Development Affecting Pipeline Integrity – Case Study
Presented by Joseph Pikas, Technical Toolboxes, Ltd.

Pipeline Metal Loss Evaluations per API 579 Fitness-For-Service Rules
Presented by Kraig Shipley, Equity Engineering

Gas Pipeline Corrosion Condition and Risk Assessment during Commissioning: A Case Study
Presented by Maritza Lopez Jimenez, IEnova

A Fuzzy Logic-possibilistic Methodology for Risk-based Inspection (RBI) Planning of Oil and Gas Pipe
Presented by Marshal Pokhrel, University of Tromso

Optimization and Scale-up Testing of Comporsite Repair Technologies
Presented by Matt Green, NRI Neptune Research Inc.

Enhanced Hot Tap Modeling Analysis & Validation
Presented by Steve Biagiotti, The Equity Engineering Group (E2G), Inc.

Near-Neutral pH Stress Corrosion Cracking Assessment Using Bayesian Network Modeling: A Case Study
Presented by Shan Guan, DNV GL

Preventative Measures to Protect HDD Pipeline Coatings
Presented by Tammy Bomia, NRI Neptune Research Inc.

Dynamic Risk Assessment - A MacGyverism to Worksite Incidents
Presented by Ebuka Umeh, Pivot-GIS

Manage Data, and You Manage Risks and Threats
Presented by Randy Vaughn

Cathodic Protection of Subsea Systems: Lessons Learned
Presented by Robert Reid, Clarus Subsea Integrity